Read what our students are saying!

I just watched the first class and wow…I feel like everything I’ve been working on by myself finally clicked. I’ve been searching for help for months now and I’m so glad I finally found it. The timing is perfect, everything is beautiful. I love my life so much and this journey to loving myself has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot wait to continue. Thank you for all your love and support I’ve been feeling so alone lately and now I don’t. ❤️

Sophia Olivieri

TFAS has helped bring me back to God <3

I’ve been releasing control in ways that I never have before. God is so endlessly loving. He loves us through our most difficult moments. I see God so much  more clearly now! There is a lot of relief in deepening surrender. I’m beginning to experience compassion and appreciation of God like I never have before. It feels very good. =)

(Watch Michaila go from never having met her Twin Flame and choosing to call him into her life, to meeting him, working with him and more in the classes – click here!)

Michaila Franklin

I joined TFAS recently and after just two classes so much in my life is coming together not only in regards to my Twin Flame but in every aspect of life.  The energy we share during class and between the students sharing our experiences with each other is without a doubt divine love!

(She has now met her Twin Flame. Experience Chrissy’s Twin Flame story by signing up for the All Class Pass.)

Chrissy Kay

More than worth it, more than I could have imagined 💕

Do we feel we are sacrificing for God or are we open to what God really wants to give us?

Go back even a year or so before I found Jeff and Shaleia and the amount of pain I was in. It felt like it was never going to end. If you feel like this…please don’t give up. I put myself completely into this work and didn’t give up. I followed God in every step and did the mirror exercise when I felt upset. I listened to my spiritual teachers over and over and trusted them with my whole heart.

It felt like I was never going to come out of this dark abyss. But I did. I have. I love. I followed this teaching with all my heart and believed. Did I see my reality change right away. No. But I persisted. I trusted. I followed this teaching which was following my heart. Now my reality is changing so quickly and all my dreams are coming true.

I “gave up” what looked to be a life that was happy. Bullshit!!! All bullshit!! A life with God and doing the inner work to heal is the only way to true peace, the only way to eternal happiness.

I see the light. I see how I create my reality. I see how powerful we all are.

Please if you feel like giving up or feel weak…don’t give in…don’t give up. This is worth it. The peace….the joy…it is worth it. Keep doing the mirror exercise, keep choosing God, watch TFAS, find your clarity and I promise it will be worth it.

Believe in yourself! Jeff and Shaleia have shown us the way. Trust them and this work and feel into the truth. Persistence!!!

Feeling inspired to share this. Feel full of love for J and S and their teaching and all it has brought me. It has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined a year ago 💕💕💕💕💕💕


(Watch Amanda and Mike’s Twin Flame journey unfold live in the classes today – click here.)


My whole life and my Twin Flame journey transformed completely when I joined Twin Flame Ascension School. Using the Mirror Exercise I began to heal properly and learned how to love myself unconditionally for the first time. I used to be in a world of pain and now I am constantly expanding into deeper levels of love and joy with God and my Twin Flame. I’ve finally found my way back home to love.

(Watch Carina’s ascension progress live in the classes).

Carina Viljoen

I’m grateful that I have the choice to live a life I truly desire! 

I can not express how much my life has changed since listening to JnS videos. I watched a YT video of theirs back in the beginning of 2016 for the first time (which lead to a break up because it was the checklist vid), since then I have hit sooo many rock bottoms.

In the beginning of last year I watched a YT video where JnS talk about claiming your support. I claimed it, and finally March 4 2019 I was able to join TFAS! I will cherish this date like a wedding anniversary! If I would have never hit those rock bottoms I never would have been able to genuinely appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys have put into the school and YT vids! Let alone understand it and receive it they way it’s meant to be received!

Everyone from the school has literally crossed my path at the most perfect divine timing ever! It mind blows me how it aligns! Like whoa! The school has the best of the best people I could have ever crossed paths with! So genuine and they’re just all in! It’s no game to them! I love how passionate and serious they are about their work and how true they are to their work! Truly inspirational!!!!

Marlene Gomez

TFAS has transformed my life!

This experience has been a transformation from a girl who was depressed and lost to a woman who is constantly working on embodying her divine self and being who she truly is- LOVE-.

When I met my twin flame I felt something that I’ve never felt before and I had no idea what was happening to me. I was freaking out looking for answers and thanks God I found Jeff and Shaleia’s youtube channel. The moment I started to watch their videos I felt that I had finally found everything that I was looking for my entire life. I couldn’t believe that for the first time ever I was feeling peace at the bottom of my heart with pure love and truth. I was feeling understood and not “crazy” anymore. “This must be the doorway to God ” I said to my self.

Later on, I decided with no doubt to get my- all classes pass- membership and from that moment my life took a major shift and so I started to discover my life force and I started to feel God and to talk with him. Throughout my kundalini awakening process I wanted to give up and run away but thanks to Jeff and Shaleia I never did. I would always go back to watch a class or watch a video or post in the forum and so I was encouraged to keep going and to keep loving my self and choosing love. I now feel free, divine and grounded.
The teachings from Twin flame Ascension School has helped me realize that my upsets and fears are just illusions and blocks that I need to go thru, surrender to God or just suck it up, face it and keep going and keep pushing with love.
In this school, I have learned that GOD is the way and that God is everything I need to have what I have always desired. The way Jeff and Shaleia spread their love is exactly what has brought me to where I am. I now know that I have nothing to worry about and I know that my twin flame and I are ONE. To me this is my source because I feel God here and the prove of that is that I am in peace with my self. In this school, I have been healing separation consciousness and that to me is priceless because as an exchange of that I have been living the life of my dreams and my heaven on earth.
If you want to have it all, go get your membership and let the power of love to take control over you and enjoy the ride!
I am now deeply in love and in Union with my Twin flame Ian.

(Watch Dany and Ian’s union journey in the Wed 1 PM classes (All Class Pass required) by joining today).

Dany Caicedo

Before TFAS, I didn’t even know who my Twin Flame was…

After attending TFAS, I was able to recognize my Twin Flame just after a few weeks! Now I’m in Union and working on achieving Harmonious Union and it’s all with the help of Jeff and Shaleia and also everyone in school because we’re all one big happy TF family working on helping each other to achieve the same goal of Harmonious Union. The connections you form in class and the loving guidance you receive from Jeff and Shaleia are priceless.

Attending TFAS was the best decision I ever made in my life and I’m so thankful to Jeff and Shaleia and also to God for guiding me to them. If you do the work, you WILL achieve harmonious union. No doubts about it.

(Experience Crystal’s Twin Flame journey right along with her by signing up today).

Crystal Rose


The love and wisdom that Jeff & Shaleia bring to each class enables me to easily expand in love, awareness, and peace..Thankful for Jeff & Shaleia as well as these classes because they have helped me understand the depth of my journey and gain spiritual knowledge I was previously unaware of.

Ryan McIntyre

Dreams are real

TFAS was the answer to my calling for help on my twin flame journey and healing, but I received so much more love than I expected.

I learned to heal myself on levels I have not expected I could before, which also included some mental disorders… My perspective on relationships, life and love has completely changed and I have safely been guided to see the truth and to live a life in freedom, to live by simply doing inner work and surrendering to God! So, so much easier than the life I experienced society teaching me.

One of my desires has always been to just stay a ‘child’ forever and even this one has been answered because we ARE children of God!

Also it is truly incredible to have found connections with like-minded people and even reuniting with my soul family, I haven’t even started about finding THE way to harmonious union and feeling closer to my twin flame every day. I am not only finding so much more love in my own life and have the certainty of my one true lover, but I am so happy to see my twin flame is also shining and everyone around me because of this work.

Once you got the taste of true love, it is infecting everyone and everything in your life, Jeff and Shaleia are showing the way!



My Twin Flame made me remember I was in love. TFAS helped me stop being afraid of Love ♥️

Angela Rosa

This work isn’t just about getting closer to your ultimate lover, but also about getting closer to your health, wealth, and all-around wellbeing. I’m getting closer in love and alignment with MYSELF.

It’s funny because I came here for my Twin Flame and found myself instead 💝💝💝

(Watch Stephanie’s ascension path unfold in the Wed 7 PM classes – click here).

Stephanie Cole

I thank God everyday for TFAS!

When I joined I didn’t even understand the concept of a Twin Flame. Now I’m proudly in a video telling the world that my beautiful Twin Flame’s name is Marc. I can’t express enough how much I love Jeff and Shaleia for the work and information they have provided for me and for all of us. The beautiful souls that are in our classes and in this face book group. The friends that I have made . Your posts are so inspiring . I’m so excited for you . Your mirror work help me see some things that I had to go deeper with. Thank you for that . The magic is the work. Since I’ve met Marc, my life has changed in so many ways . I would never be in such an amazing place in my life if it wasn’t for the incredible Twin Flame journey I’m on & the support and love ❤️ from everyone at TFAS! Morethanwordslove to all  

(Watch Lorraine’s union journey by signing up now).

Lorraine Kelly

This teaching is an open door…

I love you ♥️Jeff and Shaleia♥️, you are opening my eyes, opening my love, opening my heart, opening the door of consciousness for the real Spirituality! I was whole day listening to classes, studying your Book and chatting with your students, my coaches. They truly love you and your teachings. They are giving me so much love and support.. I just have tears of gratitude, love and endless bliss… i invested so little and i have got everything back i need right now!

Anica S.

If you’re absolutely serious about choosing to be with your Twin and being in union there is no other place to be than Twin Flame Ascension School.

(Watch Jason’s Twin Flame story in the Wed 7 PM classes! – click here.)

Jason Emerick

Permanent, life changing results

I felt lost as if my heart’s desire, my Twin Flame, was always out of reach and I became anxious and depressed. While searching, I discovered my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia on the internet. When I read their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and joined this school my whole life changed. The Mirror Exercise they teach gave me permanent results. Not only did I resolve upsets and feel closer to my Twin Flame, but also my symptoms of anxiety and depression were healed. My friends and family have all noticed my progress since joining Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. I am truly grateful.

(Watch Leesie’s Twin Flame story in the Wed 7 PM classes now – click here).

Leesie Mappes

I can’t thank Jeff and Shaleia enough for how much they have changed my life for the absolute best! With the Mirror Exercise and all the other transformative wisdom found in their book, “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover“, my Twin Flame and I called each other in. Within two months we discovered we were Twin Flames and now we have claimed each other and are in Union. Because of Jeff and Shaleia, I have found my ultimate teacher, friend, partner and lover, and our relationship is only growing deeper into love. I have found Heaven on Earth. I have found God. The teachings of Jeff and Shaleia have given me the greatest gifts I could ever receive.

(You can watch Marlee come into the recognition of who her Twin Flame is LIVE in the classes!)

Marlee Griffin

Invest in Yourself! You’re worth it!

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have found Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Ascension School. Before I found TFAS, I felt so utterly lost and alone on this twin flame journey. In all honesty, I’d tried everything in my power not to be on this twin flame journey and numb out my feelings. Nothing worked: changing jobs, subscribing to dating websites and dating other people doesn’t work. I went to TFAS looking for a path to my twin flame. What I found is so fulfilling… I found God. I also found a community that understands this path, great coaches and self love. I am now fully committed to God, myself and my twin flame only. I’ve only been enrolled in TFAS for a month and half, but I do feel my life changing. I feel closer to God, more at peace with myself and more abundant. Most importantly, I have the tools to heal. The mirror exercise really works! I’ve healed my way to a possible raise and nicer clients at work. My perspective on life has changed drastically. I see this journey as a blessing. I didn’t always view it that way.

Kristine Menna

So happy I finally took the plunge!

I joined TFAS about 2 weeks ago and it has been such a huge shift moving deeper into love and one of the best choices I’ve ever made and it was from the choice to Love myself. The classes provide such deep healing, knowledge and love and each class is so juicy ! I think my favorite thing though is how hard Jeff & Shaleia make me laugh each class lol. It feels so good to be loved.

I spent almost a year in the forum thinking I could do this “on my own” (arrogance) that I didn’t have the money for the school etc all these lies I was telling myself where disproven , thank God lol because lies will always fall away and crumble Love is the only eternal truth and I know that I am always doing the work with God and my Twin Flame and claiming that help that I need is essential for my growth, it is safe to ask for help and that help is all around you! people with so much love wanting to share this beautiful gift with you, the gift of Love and Harmonious Union ♥️

It feels so good investing in myself and investing in this community by joining the school, joining the coaching program, finding every way I can give the love in my heart into this beautiful community and choosing to be open to all the ways God is teaching me and loving me, choosing to put myself out there and make new loving and wonderful friends and even meeting my family! I choose to continue this work, I choose to love myself and move even deeper eternally into Gods Love.

Thank you everyone who has supported me and continues to support me on my journey and to Jeff and Shaleia for this amazing school and all of the love and healing and knowledge you share directly from God I love you and can’t thank you enough, and for everyone who makes this school and group such a beautiful place and invests their life into this work thank you and if you haven’t joined the school please check it out ! Don’t let any of your fears continue to hold you back from this love check out the free classes ! use all of the resources available and claim your free consultation with a coach ! my first session with Angie helped me resolve any lingering upsets to joining and helped support me in choosing to go all in. She is amazing! So loving and intuitive and held space for me so perfectly and I feel God loving me through her in each session I recommend her with all of my heart and I love her so much!

There is nothing to go back to only to move forward deeper into love ❤️ I hope if you where in my situation this can give you the courage you need to take the next step in loving yourself. I love you, this community loves you and God loves you eternally.

If God puts a desire in your heart it is there for a reason , always follow your heart 💚

Megan Campbell

Truly the fastest path to God

To begin with, I’ll just point out one thing: Lord Krishna directly led me to Jeff and Shaleia. He revealed them to me in dreams, and He directly predicted when I would meet my Twin Flame. That’s the kind of Divine stamp of approval that is hard to ignore.

Jeff and Shaleia’s spiritual teaching has been life changing in every possible way. Before TFAS, I found a little bit of what I wanted in different esoteric disciplines – an appetizer here, a main dish there, a drink over there. Coming to TFU was like getting a whole banquet at one table. And the cuisine keeps getting better as you keep eating!

There is a vibrational transfer that happens with each TFAS class, from the Masters (Jeff and Shaleia) to you, the disciple. This amazingly generous gift heals your energy system and lifts your vibration with each class you watch.

When you sit at the feet of an enlightened one, you can expect emotional upheaval as your ego dies, and also deeper experiences of peace and love. This is exactly what happens when watching TFAS classes.

Can you ascend your consciousness without being part of a spiritual community? To a degree, yes. But on your own there are limits to how deeply you will heal and awaken, and it would take decades longer. I know for a fact that the spiritual growth I’ve undergone in the past 2 years would have taken me like 30 years, or longer, if I hadn’t found Jeff and Shaleia.

And really, you are who you surround yourself with. Being around friends and soul family who have the same values and priorities that you do, who are as dedicated to their Self-realization as you are, is INCREDIBLY supportive and motivating. The journey to enlightenment is as rigorous as the journey to become an Olympic athlete. Your journey to enlightenment needs as much support as Olympic athletes needs, and you need to surround yourself with people who value spiritual growth as much as you do.

I think of TFAS as something between an online monastery and Hogwarts. It is kind of awesome.


Just do it!

I am enrolled in this school… it is amazing! Jeff and Shaleia are amazing. And you will get helped into harmonious union… there’s really nowhere else you can even get help to achieve this. They are the only ones that have it! AND their clients. So if you’re serious… do it!!!! With them! God will provide the funds.


TFAS is my Everything

When I first found the free classes and started watching them I knew I had finally found what I had been searching for my entire life, and to this day, I consider investing in the #AllClassPass to be the best decision I have ever made.

You might think, “What do I need a school for? Why do I need an entire teaching just to have my Twin Flame?” Well because, the Twin Flame journey is your ascension journey. It’s your homecoming. This isn’t just about having a romantic partner, it’s about totally transforming and healing your consciousness forever.

There’s a reason so many people find it so difficult to be in relationship with their Twin Flames; it’s because they aren’t in right relationship with themselves yet. Hence, TFAS. This is a spiritual upbringing, ascension 101.

I don’t want to think about what my life would be like without Jeff and Shaleia, this school and the community surrounding it. Not only have I found true peace, purpose and eternal tools with which to bring myself deeper and deeper into alignment with my highest destiny on a daily basis, but I have also rediscovered who I truly am. I feel more and more like my real self every day, like I’m coming out of a deep sleep. And I found my soul family! I can’t believe how little money I paid to get all of this in return: my heaven on earth.

(Watch Deanna’s ascension journey in the Wed 7 PM classes by signing up today).

Deanna Pierce

The community is amazing

TFAS has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. One of my favorites is the depth of connection and friendship that I have now with others in this community. This work is such a gift and I am so grateful that we get the opportunity to share in it together.

This pic is from our TFAS girls night last night where we planned moving forward with local Portland events to talk about twin flames, the mirror exercise and TFAS. My heart is so full! 💗

(See Katie live in class now – click here).

Katie Meyer

Lucky me.

When I found Twin Flame Ascension School, I was at rock bottom. One year after separation with my Twin Flame, several blocks appeared, manifesting as physical ailments. I was sick, and barely had enough energy to take care of myself.

One night, convinced I was dying, I prayed to God for the first time in a long time. I remember that night well. I cried myself to sleep, and dreamed about my Twin Flame. The next morning after I woke up … you guessed it! I found Twin Flames Universe.

The rest is history, as the saying goes. I became a dedicated student of Jeff and Shaleia, and have been thriving since. The classes are so healing that every one of them has helped me tremendously. I am no longer sick, and have more energy too! The community is supportive and loving, and it is an honor to be a part of it.

My Union is getting the royal treatment, and I’m learning how to love. My outlook on life has radically changed. I have a renewed zest to be alive. Where I once thought of myself as nothing special, I now boast that I am indeed the luckiest!


It’s so awesome to see that I have come to that place where I feel like I don’t need anything from anyone, including my Twin. I can release him and anyone else completely from the responsibility to make me happy. All my happiness, joy, love and peace comes from inside – from God. God is my source. I feel like I already have all I need because God’s love is enough.


Lost to found!

I had met my twin flame, but I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know about twin flames or anything of the sort. I thankfully found Jeff and Shaleia after my twin was revealed to me. They’ve been overseeing and helping me along my journey ever since. They are so good to me. If there’s anyone who knows about twin flames, it’s them. They made it all possible. Thank God for Jeff and Shaleia. I love them so much. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have been able to to pursue my twin flame without them. They have helped me progress and taught me things most couldn’t. They taught me about my loving father God. He’s the most important and only they were able to teach me truthfully about him. They’re the best spiritual teachers ever!

(See Anastasia’s ascension journey now – click here).


Empowering information

So,when I noticed there was something different about my connection with this guy and I was seeing the same exact patterns being repeated, I was desperately searching for answers on the internet. I came across so much information about twin flames and almost all of them talked about how two people DF and DM have to work independently to be at the harmonious union. That information made me feel weak and powerless. Thankfully I stumbled upon Jeff and Shalea’s videos and their guidance to LOOK WITHIN for everything was so extremely LIBERATING. The mirror exercise is such a blessing. Anything that comes up with anyone, it takes me 5mins of mirroring to reach a place of peace and harmony. It’s been six months since I’ve been practicing the mirror exercise and there is sooooo much difference in my relationship with my family, friends and even strangers. I feel so free, happy and so much love flows through me.
I feel extremely grateful to Jeff and Shaleia for sharing this beautiful wisdom and bringing sooo much peace into my life.
Grateful to the forum where I feel safe and understood with my twin flame journey.
Grateful to my coaches for being so loving and sweet while guiding me on this path..
Lots of love to everyone reading this 


It has been over a year since I joined TFAS, and my life has completely transformed. The deep desires for inner peace, bliss and happiness and my PERFECT MAN that I had in my heart since I was a young child have been and are continually being answered in every moment. THANK YOU for all that you are <3

(Read part of Sama’s union story in “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” and watch the rest of it in classes by signing up today!)

Sama Amlashi

I Found Myself.

I was heart broken, confused, alone, I had no money. All I have ever desired is my True Love, My TF. So I made a choice and decided to join Life Purpose Classes first to support myself financially. I was working with my Coach Stephanie Cole and others in Twin Flames Universe. Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings, their body of work and this loving community helped me build a relationship with God and with life itself. As I was going deeper into my Life Purpose I healed so much, claimed my abundance and support. Then in a few months, I went all in with Twin Flame Ascension School. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life. As I am connecting, loving and romancing with God and myself, my TF connects with me more deeply. So “Thank you” is just a small Word for what Jeff and Shaleia have given me. My life is completely changed. They are the most beautiful gift from God to me. I love them from the bottom of my heart and truly grateful for having them in my life.


This is Home

Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings have given me absolutely everything. I have found all of the love, freedom, and fulfillment that I have sought for my whole life. Once you have found this teaching there is no where else to go. I am eternally grateful to have found this work in my 20’s and have the tools and resources to build the life of my dreams. I would have searched to the end of the earth for the peace that I found here. This work is a true treasure.


Jeff and Shaleia take the mystery out of Twin Flames

I wish I had found this school 2 years ago! They’ve created a sacred space where there is normalcy in a journey that at times seems crazy. The students are incredibly caring and for every one’s breakthrough feels as though it’s your own personal victory.- regardless of where you are in the journey. The most beautiful part of the school is how your connection with the Divine and Self grows and in turn your connection to your twin. Union is inevitable but this is a whole lot faster to Harmonious Union and guaranteed It’s like coming home. Namaste


All Things Are Possible With God

Just want to say Thank you to you All for being apart of my Family that I’ve never had!! I am so grateful to grow & love even deeper with all of you. To witness each of our higher selves blossoming so beautifully. Thank you for all that you do & also for always encouraging all of us to never give up on our Twin Flame Journey!!  As I’m seeing results on the daily 😁 & it only looks amazing from here on out. Living our Harmonious life is attainable it all just comes down to how committed we are to live our dream WITH GOD. I can really finally say I feel at HOME; walking to the Kingdom; step by step with the Prince of Peace so I wont just feel at home. I will be at Home ♡♡♡

I Love You All & all I can say is I know my “New Beginning” is at its peak & honestly anything can happen. I am stoked!!😍😍😍This Shiet Works!! The “The Mirror Exercise” it’ll transform your life; Just Dooooo Ittt!!! (In Shia labeouf voice) JUST DOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!


Group photo from the NYC TFAS meet-up New Years 2018/2019.
Crystal Howard

I was almost a year seeing YouTube videos of Jeff & Shaleia, while having money issues and a lot of pain regarding my True Twin Flame and my life. I was feeling unfree, is how I would summarize my state of being back at that time. 

But as soon as I decided to invest in myself and take a coaching session magic started! I had no money and for a reason I opened a book where I found exactly the cost of the session! After that some people asked me to give them art classes, in less than a week I had enough money to subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School #TFAS, and more things started to change. 

Subscribing to the classes was like a quantum leap in my life, my finances and my gifts really! So it wasn’t even only my relationship to my Twin Flame that altered drastically to the positive… Having decided to go to the school and getting in is truly a ‘Before and After’ for me. I now have a good income and my dream to exhibit my paintings in Paris came true!  

I am so grateful that life blessed me with having been presented the opportunity to choose TFAS. Choosing it was an act of loving myself. I have arrived in the right place now and all I wish for you is to experience the same.

Claudia Figueroa

Where would I be without Twin Flames Universe?

I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Since joining Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, my life has seriously upgraded. I was in a dark place when I first joined. I was depressed, using drugs, and trying to run away from my responsibilities. I had almost given up on my Twin Flame journey because I was tired and confused. Finding Twin Flames Universe saved my life.

The darkness slowly turned to light. I joined the online open forum and I immediately felt at home. The love that I felt from Jeff and Shaleia, the classes, and the community members welcoming me into their hearts awoke the love within me. I felt a fire in my life that I had long forgotten. It was purpose. I finally understood my connection to Life, to Love, to God and why I was here on this Earth. I started Living.

Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings are grounded in Love and Truth. Everything they teach can be easily applied to all areas of our lives. A few months into studying their work, I developed a level of Peace within that I could’ve only imagined not too long before. This Peace filled every cell of my body. Around this same time, my Twin Flame and I slowly reopened our communication. This time it was filled with Love, Trust and a deep knowing in my heart of the Truth. I finally understood the purpose of our relationship: to walk with Love. The passion began to pick up and my Twin Flame, Colby, and I made plans to see each other after a year of separation.

The reunion was incredible. It was like no time had passed, but the depth of our connection had expanded greatly. Shortly after, we made the choice to commit to each other and choose Union. With the support of God, our beloved Teachers and the Twin Flames Universe community, we decided to continue moving deeper into our Union. I moved across The United States to be with my one true love and start our forever life together in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

I am now living the ultimate life of my dreams because I made one simple choice to join this community, this school and to partner with Love. Anything is possible with Love and anyone can have what I have. All you have to do is make a choice. I love you and I hope you choose to invest in yourself. You deserve it!

(Watch Keely and Colby’s union journey now in the Wed 1 PM classes (All Class Pass required) – click here).

Keely Griffin, now in permanent harmonious union with her Twin Flame Colby

Love always wins.

When I first stumbled on an ad for TFAS, I was “faking it til I made it”. Nothing happens on accident. While I’m on my journey, and finding I’m more and more in my peace every day, I reflect back on how I was 5 months ago. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made in this journey. I’m grateful for the lessons learned and the healing…the abundance of resources I’ve discovered….the success stories and even the upsets you all share that make me look deeper at my own journey…the opportunities here…the soul family I’ve found…all of it. As much as I resisted my separation, as much as the upsets have knocked me down in the past, I’m grateful I was led here and went through it all and I’m grateful I can apply it to the future. I’m well on my way to union and to succeeding at my life purpose. It was time my life changed and I claimed what I desire and now I can claim it fearlessly. To those of you feeling like you’re struggling, keep going. One foot in front of the other. You will get there. To those of you who are in your unions working towards harmonious union, your stories inspire and encourage. Love always wins.

Ryan Wefelmeyer

I finally found my way back Home

I had never heard of the term “Twin Flame” before until I met a man who turned my world upside down and for a solid year i couldn’t figure out what was going on. On my search for answers I encounter Jeff & Shaleia’s work on YouTube, where I finally was able to get solid information on what i was experiencing. I wanted to know more, so I inmediately went to read their book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover”, and I was completely hooked. The grounded peace and knowledge of their book lead me to quicly join their community on Facebook, and little after, engage with one of their free classes. Just by watching the first one I knew I had found everything i had been looking for. Now, after little over a year of committing myself to both TFAS and LPC, I can see the life I dreamt for myself being shaped into a reality. Thanks to their teachings and the Mirror Excercise, I am finally able to see God has been there supporting me in every area of my life always. I never thought i would find a solid way for me to re-build that relationship with my Creator and Ultimate Lover. Finding Jeff & Shaleia has been trully a blessing, one I’ll be eternally grateful for.

This School truly is the cornerstone for anyone seeking their Harmonious Union with God and their Twin Flame.

Debo Bassow

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