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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does this work? Does joining the classes mean I’m a live student?

A: Purchasing a TFAS membership gives you access to recorded classes, not live classes. You will view these previously recorded classes on this site. Don’t get us wrong though, these classes were made specifically for you. You will find that, wherever you are, whatever your age, and whatever stage of your Twin Flame journey you are on, you have been perfectly guided to these classes at the best possible time. Love will always speak to you perfectly through the classes and is always speaking directly to your consciousness in every moment. To maximize your membership, we highly recommend joining a live weekly free discussion group in tandem to watching the classes. For more information about that you can email and be sure to join our free open forum – click here.


Q: Does it matter what order I watch the classes in?

A: YES! This teaching was intended to be viewed from beginning to end, sequentially. Not only does each class build upon the spiritual lessons of the previous ones, but you will be taking your vibrational journey alongside all of the live students. Our formal recommendation to get the best possible results is to watch all of the classes from the very first class through the very last class, in order, in whatever time span suits you.  It’s not a crime to hop around if you really feel called to do so, but it is not recommended. Consider it like any other type of education: you wouldn’t jump from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus, right? You would just feel lost and no real learning would happen. There’s no rush or hurry to get to the end. Once you have seen all of the classes in order, then going back and cherry picking ones to re-watch is just fine, as a foundation has now been laid that supports that.


Q: Can I share my membership with anyone?

A: Your subscription or lifetime membership to Twin Flame Ascension School is yours and yours alone. It can and should be shared only with your Twin Flame. We understand the desire to share this work with your friends and family, and we encourage you to! However, allowing someone to leech off of your investment is not beneficial to you or them. You dishonor yourself by not respecting your own investment, and you allow them to dishonor themselves by requiring a codependent relationship with you to get to the work. Allow them to earn and claim their own personal relationship with this teaching. Only then can they truly receive it and grow.


Q: If I picked the payment plan, do I need to make manual monthly payments?

A: No. When you subscribe, you are setting up an automatic payment plan and the system automatically takes out the money owed from your PayPal account every 4 weeks. All you need to do is make sure that the funds are available by that date each month.


Q: How do I change/update the card or bank account associated with my payments?

A: This is all done through PayPal and should be handled with them.


Q: Can I pause my subscription?

A: No.

However, there is a 10 day grace period for your payment each month.

The system will try three times over the course of 10 days to take out the payment (once on the original due date, again 5 days later, and then 5 days after that). We will send you 2 skipped payment warning emails letting you know how many days you have left, and as long as the funds are available by that last try 10 days after the original due date, your account will remain in good standing.

We don’t charge a late fee on our end for this, though you may end up paying overdraft fees through your bank if the system tries to take out the money and you didn’t have enough available. We highly recommend everyone who joins have a stable foundation for their finances. Often times, members in our community hold events or webinars for financial block clearing, which you can find in the Events calendar in the open forum.

If you are having some kind of banking issue or absolutely need to stop and restart your payment profile for some reason, contact to work something out BEFORE you cancel. Otherwise, once Administration receives the cancellation email, your access to classes will be revoked and you’ll have to start over from the first payment.


Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: We would like to remind you that God/Source/The Universe would never bring you to water without a pitcher; There is always a way for you to stay in TFAS if you desire to. All you have to do is ask to be shown the way and fully claim your support. Here is a decree you can state to call in your abundance:

“I choose to allow God/Source/The Universe to show me the way to my wealth for Twin Flame Ascension School and I choose to recognize when I receive it. And I choose to use that for my subscription. I choose to receive it immediately. Please show me the way.”

Also remember that the rest and relief you seek you will not find from quitting or trying to get away from the work, it can only come from moving through your upsets and blocks.

If you truly desire to cancel your subscription, you will do this by cancelling your automatic monthly payments to us in your PayPal account under Profile & Settings > My Money > Manage Automatic Payments. Administration will delete your access to the classes immediately upon receiving the cancellation alert from PayPal.

Please also note that we do not offer refunds of any kind. When you decide to join the payment plan you are entering into an agreement to pay the full amount owed over a 12 month period. Please ensure that you speak with one of our coaches and watch the free classes before deciding to join so you understand what you are getting.


Q: If I cancel my subscription and resubscribe in the future, do my past payments carry over?

A: No, no past payments carry over. This is another reason we strongly recommend only joining when you’re ready to commit.


Q: I’m subscribed to One Class Pass, how do I upgrade to an All Class Pass subscription?

A: Upgrading your subscription to an All Class Pass is easy! First, you will log into your PayPal account and cancel your $111/month recurring payment plan. Then, you can upgrade to an All Class Pass by either making a one time payment of $1,599 (BEST DEAL) or you can sign up for 12 monthly payments of $159 (flexible option). This is our discounted price just for you to upgrade with ease! Upgrade today: click here


Q: I have the Lifetime One Clas Pass membership, how do I get the All Class Pass?

A: If you have already purchased the Lifetime One Class Pass membership, you can upgrade to an All Class Pass by either making a one time payment of $1,599 (BEST DEAL), or you can sign up for 12 monthly payments of $159 (flexible option). This is our discounted price just for you to upgrade with ease! Upgrade today: click here.


Q: Does the All Class Pass include Life Purpose Class?

A: No. The All Class Pass is for Twin Flame Ascension School only. “All Classes” means you get access to Wed 1 PM, Wed 7 PM and Sunday 7 PM TFAS classes as opposed to just One Class Pass (Wed 7 PM classes). See more about the difference in these 2 options here:

Life Purpose Class is sold separately here: because it is its own teaching and is complete unto itself, though it is a perfect complement to TFAS. Some people prefer to start by focusing on LPC and get TFAS later, and vice versa. To maximize your results we recommend investing in both LPC and TFAS ACP and watching all of the classes in order. – click here for the FULL TWIN FLAMES UNIVERSE STORY