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Twin Flame Ascension School GUARANTEES your Harmonious Union when you work through the lessons and do the work!

On the Twin Flame journey, it is very helpful to have support. It can feel very lonely to not have anyone understand what you are going through. The truth is that there are many people who are actively on their Twin Flame journey. Working through blocks to your perfect life of love is even easier with spiritual friends.  As an added bonus to purchasing either TFAS membership, you will receive an email invitation to a private discussion group, where you can participate in a weekly chat with other members about the classes. Our students love Tfas so much that the community support will feel a lot like family. Many of our students have even found members of their soul families!

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If you haven’t already please join us in our Facebook group “Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum”  where open discussion of classes and the Twin Flame Ascension takes place.  The group is cared for intensely by Jeff and Shaleia and the Twin Flames Universe Team, and you will find a safe and loving place to open up, share, and discuss your Twin Flame journey, and connect with others on theirs.  Joining the group is absolutely free. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.

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