All Class Pass: Course Index

W7Class 1: The one Lesson of TFAS: Love Yourself (FREE CLASS !)

W7Class 2: The TF Journey is one of Self Discovery, Radical Self-Acceptance and Love. (FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 3: What you must Give Up to Have your HTFU (FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 4: Your Twin Flame is Your Ultimate Guru

W7Class 5: Calling in Your True Twin Flame

S7Class  1: Class Link S7 #1 (FC)

W1Class 1: Class Link W1 #1 (FC)

W7Class 6: Commiting to the Process and working through spiritual Blocks

S7Class  2: Class Link S7 #2

W1Class 2: Class Link W1 #2

W7Class 7: How to Get Out of Hell

S7Class  3: Class Link S7 #3

W1Class 3: Happy Wife, Happy Life. Growing into your DM/DF Energy.

W7Class 8: Twin Flames Carl and Julia Achieve HTFU at TFAS

S7Class  4: Class Link S7 #4

W1Class 4: Class Link W1 #4

W7Class 9: What is Permanent Harmonious Union

S7Class  5: Class Link S7 #5

W1Class 5: Class Link W1 #5

W7Cass 10: Clearing Childhood Spiritual Blocks

S7Class  6: Class Link S7 #6

W1Class 6: Class Link W1 #6

W7Class 11: The Ultimate Mirror on your Twin Flame Journey

S7Class  7: Class Link S7 #7

W1Class 7: Marianne Stays the Course

W7Class 12: Fabian Peels back the Onion of Love and Finds Power

S7Class  8: Class Link S7 #8

W1Class 8: Class Link W1 #8

W7Class 13: Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

S7Class  9: Class Link S7 #9

W1Class 9: Class Link W1 #9

W7Class 14: TFAS Role Modeling Day!

S7Class  10: Class Link S7 #10

W1Class 10: Class Link W1 #10

W7Class 15: The Role Playing Continues!

S7Class  11: Class Link S7 #11

W1Class 11: Class Link W1 #11

W7Class 16: Class Link W7 #16

S7Class  12: Class Link S7 #12

W1Class 12: Class Link W1 #12

W7Class 17:  Class Link W7 #17

S7Class  13: This Class is not available Class Link S7 #13

W1Class 13: Class Link W1 #13

W7Class 18:  Class Link W7 #18

S7Class  14: Class Link S7 #14

W1Class 14: Class Link W1 #14

W7Class 19:  Class Link W7 #19

S7Class  15: This class is unavailable

W1Class 15: Class Link W1 #15

W7Cass 20: It’s a TFAS Slumber Party!

S7Class  16: Class Link S7 #16

W1Class 16: Class Link W1 #16

W7Class 21:  Class Link W7 #21

S7Class  17: Class Link S7 #17

W1Class 17: Class Link W1 #17


S7Class  18: Class Link S7 #18

W1Class 18: Class Link W1 #18

W7Class 23: Bringing Love Back into Your Life and Healthy Boundaries

S7Class  19: Class Link S7 #19

W1Class 19: Class Link W1 #19

W7Class 24: Class Link W7 #24

S7Class  20: Class Link S7 #20

W1Class 20: Class Link W1 #20

W7Class 25: Are you Ready to Call in Your True Twin Flame!

S7Class  21: Class Link S7 #21

W1Class 21: This Class is Not Available.

W7Class 26: True Twin Flame Updates!  

S7Class  22: This Class is not Available. Class Link S7 #22

W1Class 22: Class Link W1 #22

W7Class 27: Self-Acceptance and Gratitude On Your TF Journey.

S7Class  23: Class Link S7 #23

W1Class 23: Class Link W1 #23

W7Class 28: How to Release Control on your Twin Flame Journey.  

S7Class  24: Class Link S7 #24

W1Class 24: Class Link W1 #24

W7Class 29: Welcoming Our Twin Flame TFAS Angels!

S7Class  25: Class Link S7 #25

W1Class 25: Class Link W1 #25

W7Cass 30:  Class Link W7 #30

S7Class  26: Class Link S7 #26

W1Class 26: Class Link W1 #26

W7Class 31: Jeff Shares THE WAY to Manifesting Your Ultimate Desires

S7Class  27: Class Link S7 #27

W1Class 27: Class Link W1 #27

W7Class 32: The FAST TRACK to Harmonious Twin Flame Union

S7Class  28: Class Link S7 #28

W1Class 28: Class Link W1 #28

W7Class 33: The BIGGEST BLOCK to your Twin Flame is Connection

S7Class  29: Twin Flame Engagement Day!!

W1Class 29: Class Link W1 #29

W7Class 34:  The Founding Principles to Permanent HTFU

S7Class  30: Class Link S7 #30

W1Class 30: Class Link W1 #30

W7Class 35:  Class Link W7 #35

S7Class  31: Class Link S7 #31

W1Class 31: Class Link W1 #31

W7Class 36:  Class Link W7 #36

S7Class  32: Class Link S7 #32

W1Class 32: Class Link W1 #32

W7Class 37:  Class Link W7 #37

S7Class  33: Class Link S7 #33

W1Class 33: Class Link W1 #33

W7Class 38:  Class Link W7 #38

S7Class  34: Class Link S7 #34

W1Class 34: Class Link W1 #34

W7Class 39:  Class Link W7 #39

S7Class  35: Class Link S7 #35

W1Class 35: Class Link W1 #35

W7Cass 40:   Class Link W7 #40

S7Class  36: Class Link S7 #36

W1Class 36: Class Link W1 #36

W7Cass 41: The Journey is in the Now & Not the Later.

S7Class  37: Releasing Control in Twin Flame Union.

W1Class 37: The Second Coming of Christ Through Twin Flames.

W7Cass 42: The Reason Your TF is NOT Committing to You.

S7Class  38: Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a Place with No Backdoor.

W1Class 38: Trusting the Process of Your Twin Flame Journey.

S7Class  39: Do You Burn Your House Down or Heal Through Your Blocks.

W1Class 39: The Real Way to Your Twin Flame.

W7Cass 43: Deep Diving Than Ever Before in Twin Flame Healing.

S7Class  40: Vulnerability as Healing in Twin Flame Union.

W1Class 40: Preparing Sama for Her First Date.

W7Cass 44: Healing Sexual Trauma & Seeing God as Your True Lover.

S7Class 41: A Lesson in Spiritual Upheaval & How to Master It.

W1Class 41: Sama’s Harmonious Twin Flame Union in the Making.

W7Cass 45: Our Harmonious Union in Action (Jeff’s 30th Bday Edition)

S7Class 42: Marwah Shares Her Special Twin Flame Update.

W1Class 42: Sama’s Second Twin Flame Date.

W7Cass 46: Stephanie’s Twin Flame Adventure.

S7Class 43 True Sincerity and Innocence (How to Approach Union).

W1Class 43: Sama’s New Choice to Go Even Deeper with Her Twin Flame.

W7Cass 47: Father God Healing for TFs Seeking Harmonious Union  

S7Class 44: Is Discipline About Abusing Yourself/Others, Pathway to Freedom

W1Class 44: Sama in Union and the New Earth Blueprint for Twin Flames

W7Cass 48: God’s Lesson to Class is Reinforced an Unexpected Incident

S7Class 45: Surrendering to God (happy results – spiritually disciplined Live

W1Class 45: Sama Discovers Our True Love for Her and Her Twin Flame.

W7Class 49: Releasing Resistance to Your Twin Flame

S7Class 46: Ego – The Manifested Consciousness in Belief of Separation.

W1Class 46: Sama Reveals to Her TF that they are Twin Flames!

W7Class 50:  A Casual Encounter with Jeff and Shaleia.

S7Class 47: How to see through your Twin Flame’s Illusions.

W1Class 47: Mastering the Spiritual Journey.

W7Class 51:  Healing Twin Flame Rejection (like a Boss).

S7Class 48: The Surprising Relationship between God and Your TF Union.

W1Class 48: Releasing Control Even Deeper to Experience Greater Peace.

W7Class 52: Practicing Presence in Union.

S7Class 49: The Mind Alignment Process in Action.

W1 Class 49: Surrendering Deeper into Eternal Partnership.

W7Class 53: Self-Acceptance Leads to Acceptance in Your Union.

S7Class 50: How to NOT Give Up On Yourself or Your Twin Flame.

W1Class 50: Let Go of Distractions on the TF Journey & Embrace Miracles

W7Class 54:  Relating Beyond Complaining.

S7Class 51: How to Identify When You Are Nearing Transformation.

W1Class 51: Ask Me Anything with Jeff and Shaleia.

W7Class 55:  Ask Us Anything with Jeff and Shaleia.

S7Class 52: A Year in Review: Is the Mirror Exercise Really Working for Me?

W1Class 52: The Key Differences Between the DM and the DF.

W7Class 56:  How to Do Your Inner Spiritual Work Like a True Master.

S7Class 53: J&S Continue to Demonstrate How They Do Spiritual Work.

W1Class 53: Meeting Deanna from Subscription Land.

W7Class 57:  Ascension Milestone: When Your Inner Work is Transcending.

S7Class 54: Deepening Surrender to the Divine So All Your Good Unfolds.

W1Class 54: Clearing Ego is Critical to Attaining HTFU.

W7Class 58:  COMMITMENT – The Essential Ingredient to your TF Union.

S7Class 55: Meeting our Newest Student Amanda.

W1Class 55: Jeff Helps Shaleia Clear Relationship Blocks.

W7Class 59:  Meeting Deanna From Subscription-Land to Live Classes

S7Class 56: Healing the DF From Imbalanced Giving to Balance in Union.

W1Class 56: The Fast Track to a Divine Life.

W7Class 60: TF Sex, The Rules of Engagement and Releasing Control

S7Class 57: You are Lucky! You are Loved.

W1Class 57: Finding Your Home in God Where your TF Union Lives.

W7Class 61:  Healing a MAJOR “Runner/Chaser” TF Block: Avoidance.

S7Class 58: J&S Heal an Upset Together Regarding Community.

W1Class 58: J&S reveal an Excerpt from Their Book + Meet Chad.

W7Class 62:  J&S Read an Excerpt of Sama’s Twin Flame Story.

S7Class 59: Perseverance + The Mirror Exercise.

W1Class 59: How to Heal Feeling Pressured by Self and Others.

W7Class 63:  Deeper Healing of Control and Expectations over your TF

S7Class 60: Choosing Independence & Listening to Your Heart not Following the Crowd.

W1Class60: Coming Alive in The Fires of God.

W7Class 64:  The Amazing Power of Miraculous Healing.

S7Class 61: What Does it Mean to Love Another?

W1Class61: How to Get What You Desire, How to Know When You’re Giving Up Everything.

W7Class 65: Diving So Deep, Our Illusions Fall Off.  

S7Class 62: Diving into Heavenly Ecstasy.

W1Class62: The Story Doesn’t Matter.

W7Class 66: Jeff Discovers Gratitude is in Awe of God.

S7Class 63: The One Thing You Cannot Pass Up.

W1Class 63: The Curriculum of Peace.

W7Class 67: Cosmic, Orgasmic Enlightenment  

S7Class 64: Where to Find Love when it’s Hiding.

W1Class64: Transforming Anxiety Into Enormous Peace.

W7Class 68: The Place of Infinite Love and Union.

S7Class 65: Should you Stay Together For the Kids.

W1Class65: Unlimited Peace.

W7Class 69:  Deanna’s Impossible Discovery.

S7Class 66: The Miracle of Oneness.

W1Class66: The Path of Love.

W7Class 70: Is Your Reality Friendly and Loving, or Chaotic and Fearful?

S7Class 67: The Twin Flame Secret, Beneath Everything.

W1Class67: Chrissy’s Miraculous Transformation.

W7Class 71:  LOL Fabian’s Cats and Kitten Mayhem LOLOL

S7Class 68: The Horrible Effects of Too Much Discipline, How to Avoid Them Once and For All.

W1Class68: Mario, Mario, Mario!!!

W7Class 72:  Twin Flames Are REAL. The Facts, Evidence, and Proof.

S7Class 69: Anne The Man.

W1Class69: Welcoming Dany.

W7Class 73:  Jeff Cries. A Lot.

S7Class 70: On Men and How to Love Your Man.

W1Class70: Mike and Amanda get Kickd Out Of Class.

W7Class 74:  Intimacy with Soul-Mates.

S7Class 71: Seeing Yourself as Diving.

W1Class71: Elle’s Courage is Revealed (Happy Halloween)!

W7Class 75:  Halloween Special and The Purpose of Vulnerability.

S7Class 72: The Relationship with God You Need.

W1Class72: The Miracle of Love.

W7Class 76:  Deep Work, Clarity Discovered.

S7Class 73:Coming Full Circle and the Importance of Boundaries.

W1Class73: The Juiciest Romance Ever.

W7Class 77:  Michaila Heals Deep Separation, Gets Closer to Her TF

S7Class 74: How Jesus Loved God.

W1Class74: What it REALLY Means to Put God First.

W7Class 78:  Finding Faith Through Surrender and the Gifts it Brings

S7Class 75: Pure Love Consciousness and How to Navigate Through it.

W1Class75: The Ten Thousand Dollar Kiss.

W7Class 79:  Denna’s Reunion with Her Twin Flame.

S7Class 76: What Are You Really Inside?

S7 Class 76.5: Releasing Anne and Catrina: Special Part 2

W1Class76: Communion / Loving Them to Let Them Go.

W7Class 80:  Unconditional Love for Twin Flames

S7Class 77: Subtle Vibrations of Love Achieved Through Mastery.

W1Class77: Finding Joy in Responsibility.

W7Class 81: A Whole New World of Peace.  

S7Class 78: Identifying The Voice of Peace.


W7Class 82: Happy Harmonious Union Day Recap Discussion.

S7Class 79: The Root of Separation.

W1Class79: Harmonious Union is Real.

W7Class 83: 123…Your Twin Flame Loves You.

S7Class 80: Live in NYC!

W1Class 80: Live in NYC!

W7Class 84:Live in NYC!

S7Class 81: Love Remains

W1Class 81: Meet Dani’s Twin Ian. He is NOT Woo-Woo

W7Class 85: The Abiding Presence of Your One True Love

S7Class 82:No No Drama!

W1Class 82: Sama’s Revelation

W7Class 86: Feelings and Emotional Mastery

S7Class 83:Soul Family Scientific Exploration

W1Class 83: Harmonious Union Check In

W7Class 87: Feeling Good NOW

S7Class 84: Charlie Loves Polar Bears

W1Class 84: Bridezilla Romprstompin’ Her Wedding

W7Class 88:Happily Ever After

S7Class 85: Final Surrender

W1Class 85: Ian Loves Deals

W7Class 89:Love Story Review

S7Class 86: All Good Things Must Continue Forever

W1Class 86: Real Surrender, Completely Letting Go

W7Class 90:Inner Work, Turning The Corner

S7Class 87:Angela’s Big Revelation

W1Class 87: She Tells Him What To Do And He Doesn’t Like It

W7Class 91:Becoming The Twin Flame Master

S7Class 88:Amanda’s Final Core Healing Before Harmonious Twin Flame Union

W1Class 88:The Act of The Living Ascension

W7Class 92: The Big Red Bowl of Delights

S7Class 89: Non-Attachment

W1Class 89: Keely’s Got it All

W7Class 93:Success Begets Success

S7Class 90:Amanda’s Great Time

W1Class 90: Ineffable Peace

W7Class 94:Fabian (still) Loves Paula

S7Class 91: Mike and Amanda Find Comfort In Each Other’s Arms

W1Class 91: Ignoring the Voice of Fear

W7Class 95: Fabian’s Royal Confidence

S7Class 92: Literally the Weirdest TFAS Class Ever

W1Class 92: Glorious God

W7Class 96: The Power of Accepting Change

S7Class 93: Welcome Home Marlee

W1Class 93: Overcoming The Hardest Block

W7Class 97: Career Ascension And Becoming Alive

S7Class 94: Paying The Price, Getting The Reward

W1Class 94: We Talk About Sex (And Other Stuff Too)

W7Class 98: Welcoming Special Guests: Denisa and Rachel

S7Class 95: The Great Breakup With Comparison

W1Class 95: Light In The Darkness

W7Class 99: You Don’t Want Your Twin Flame And Here’s Why

S7Class 96: The Only Lover

W1Class 96: Spiritual Independence

W7Class 100: Big Red Bowl of Delights Part 2

S7Class 97: Sinally Surrendering The Bad Feeling Thing

W1Class 97: How to Create Endless Joy

W7Class 101: Leesie’s Successful Twin Flame Union

S7Class 98: Being With God

W1Class 98: Your Upsets are Meaningless

W7Class 102: The Eternal Peace of Heaven

S7Class 99: The Cycles of Love

W1Class 99: Juicy Class. Juicy AF.

W7Class 103: Reminiscing On The Work

S7Class 100: Leaving Hell Behind

W1Class 100: And (Their) Kingdom Will Have No End

W7Class 104: The Big Red Bowl of Delights: Part 3

S7Class 101: Healing Separation

W1Class 101: Is It Really The End?

W7Class 105: The Holy Path

S7Class 102: Peace Is This…

W1Class 102: The Attonement

W7Class 106: The Burning Questions

S7Class 103: Healing the Core Spiritual Teacher Wound

W1Class 103: The Nectar of Perfect Union

W7Class 108: Final Wed 7 pm Class

S7Class 104: Marlee Goes to Meet her Twin Flame

W1Class 104: The Big Red Bowl, the Wok, and the Cooking Pot of Delights!

S7Class 105: Marlee’s First Week In Physical Union

W1Class 105: Walking With Christ, As Christ

S7Class 106: Marlee and Joshuah’s Harmonious Union!

W1Class 106: The Third Eye Meditation

S7Class 107: Opening to the Divine Mind

W1Class 107: Started From the Bottom, and Now We’re High

S7Class 108: Final JUICY Sun 7 pm

W1Class 108: The Very, Very Last Class