Only love is real, and love never fails.

Welcome to the gateway to your perfect happiness.

  Jeff and Shaleia understand the principles of the Universe that attract ALL LOVE to you.

  Through the mastery of these principals, they manifested their Ultimate Lover, Best Friend, and Perfect Divine Complement.

They call this your “Twin Flame.”

As they discovered how powerful,




and loving

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is,

they knew they could not keep it to themselves.

  So many were espousing what others called “Twin Flames,” but Jeff and Shaleia saw these entertainers knew nothing of real love, and set out to teach the real thing.

We guarantee permanent harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame through Twin Flame Ascension School

Jeff and Shaleia are the pioneers of harmonious Twin Flame Union on this planet,

and have successfully brought many to meet their Twin Flame,

to come into Union with their true Twin Flame,

and even attain the eternal spiritual status of harmonious Twin Flame Union with their True Twin Flame.

Have you come here searching for true love, forever?
Have you longed for a love so perfect, it could have only been created for you specifically?
Have you desired for a safe place to call home while you are supported in your spiritual work?

  Then you have arrived.

  Twin Flame Ascension School is your portal to not only perfect love, but your total spiritual ascension.

Achieving harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame means you have finished your internal spiritual journey to the center of your Divine Self,

and you have found another there with you, your True Twin Flame.

In this place,

you see what God/Source/The Universe has created for you, and who you were created to be with eternally.
In this place,

you accept yourself and your Twin Flame as Divine, beautiful, perfect, and loving, and you commit to each other eternally.


Once this has happened, you will have an eternal, harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame.

Don’t understand how, what this means, how to get there, or even anything else spiritually?

Don’t worry, Jeff and Shaleia speak in a way that everyone can understand.

From the most advanced spiritual students,

to those brand new to spirituality, relationships, love, and inner work,

Jeff and Shaleia communicate in a simple, yet profound and powerful way that gets straight to the core of your heart.

 They will guide you ALL the way HOME to your CORE self,

where you realize you are perfect love, perfectly loving, and perfectly lovable.

 You are deserving of ALL your Good,

and attaining harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame dissolves the foundation of the painful illusion of separation from your Good.

  In other words,

take the class and embody the teachings, and you’ll find a state of consciousness within yourself which creates your reality for you perfectly.

Classes are uploaded weekly with students you will come to know and love as

you watch their Twin Flame journeys unfold.

 You’ll develop a relationship

with each of the students, and with Jeff and Shaleia as love moves through them to share with you your specific message each week.

 Love is the real teacher,

and you’ll come to find that even though classes are recorded,

you are treated with limitless personal attention and consideration by your Creator through this class.

In addition to recorded classes, we maintain a facebook group where open discussion of classes takes place.

 The group is cared for intensely by Jeff and Shaleia’s students,

and you will find a safe and loving place to open up, share, and discuss your Twin Flame journey, and connect with others on theirs.

Joining the group is absolutely freeCLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.


The first three classes of TWIN FLAME ASCENSION SCHOOL are free,

so you have an opportunity to deeply explore this path for you, get to know some of the students, and learn how this scientific process of coming into harmonious Union works.

Over and over again Jeff and Shaleia’s work on Twin Flames has proven that:

Yes, everyone does have a Twin Flame.
 Yes, all you need to do is choose love and move forward into your loving choices.
And yes, Jeff and Shaleia are lovingly guiding you in the fastest, most direct, and most compassionate way possible.

Manifesting your Twin Flame is easy,

and coming into harmonious Twin Flame Union is simple.

 Join Jeff, Shaleia, and their beloved students in Twin Flame Ascension School.

 It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life.

Pinky Promise.

It’s so awesome to see that I have come to that place where I feel like I don’t need anything from anyone, including my Twin. I can release him and anyone else completely from the responsibility to make me happy. All my happiness, joy, love and peace comes from inside – from God. God is my source. I feel like I already have all I need because God’s love is enough.


Empowering information

So,when I noticed there was something different about my connection with this guy and I was seeing the same exact patterns being repeated, I was desperately searching for answers on the internet. I came across so much information about twin flames and almost all of them talked about how two people DF and DM have to work independently to be at the harmonious union. That information made me feel weak and powerless. Thankfully I stumbled upon Jeff and Shalea’s videos and their guidance to LOOK WITHIN for everything was so extremely LIBERATING. The mirror exercise is such a blessing. Anything that comes up with anyone, it takes me 5mins of mirroring to reach a place of peace and harmony. It’s been six months since I’ve been practicing the mirror exercise and there is sooooo much difference in my relationship with my family, friends and even strangers. I feel so free, happy and so much love flows through me.
I feel extremely grateful to Jeff and Shaleia for sharing this beautiful wisdom and bringing sooo much peace into my life.
Grateful to the forum where I feel safe and understood with my twin flame journey.
Grateful to my coaches for being so loving and sweet while guiding me on this path..
Lots of love to everyone reading this 


It has been over a year since I joined TFAS, and my life has completely transformed. The deep desires for inner peace, bliss and happiness and my PERFECT MAN that I had in my heart since I was a young child have been and are continually being answered in every moment. THANK YOU for all that you are <3

(Read part of Sama’s union story in “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” and watch the rest of it in classes by signing up today!)

Sama Amlashi